The authentication process can be carried out, in general, with idCAT Mobile, Digital certificates and Cl@ve. However, each public administration user of the VÀLid system can decide whether to show all systems or only some depending on the procedure (For example, only show "Digital Certificates" to consider them a more secure system for that specific procedure). If you do not see one of the systems and you have doubts about it, you will have to check with the organization with which you are doing the online management.

Identification is a very simple process, but there may be situations where it is not completed correctly.

Here are some of the possible reasons depending on the system you use:

Errors related to identification with mobile idCAT

You will find a detailed description in Error reasons while using the idCAT Mobile

Errors related to the digital certificate

If the system does not detect a valid electronic certificate, you need to make sure that:

  • You have any current qualified certificate (not expired) in accordance with Regulation 910/2014 on Identification and Trust Services. Among them, the DNI-e or the T-CAT card, of the staff of the Catalan public administrations.
  • You have the certificate properly installed on your system, or if it resides on an external device (such as a USB key or cryptographic card), the device is properly connected.
  • You have installed the corresponding root keys of the certification entity issuing your certificate. You will find them on the website of the issuer of the certificate ( consult the root keys of the certification entity AOC ).
  • You have successfully installed, if applicable, the software associated with the certificate. You will find it on the certificate issuer's website.
  • You have correctly installed the card reader software, in case you are using a cryptographic device certificate (eg DNIe). You will find it on the device manufacturer's website.

Once these checks are done, you need to close all open browser sessions and try to access again.

Errors related to the Cl@ve

If you have an error with this system, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions of Cl@ve del Gobierno de España.