In order to minimize the incidents and doubts of citizens when carrying out procedures that require identification, apply the following recommendations to the content from which users access the VALID service in order to identify themselves and carry out your procedures:

  • Not to mention the name of the VALID service or the Open Administration of Catalonia, with the aim that the user does not have the perception that comes out of the process that he is trying to do in your body. The VALID brand is just the name of the service to address our customers (public bodies) but not the public.
  • In line with the previous point, use the concept “identification” as a message to link to the VALID website, ie “identify yourself here”, “identify yourself to continue”, “you need to identify yourself” or something similar to your style and tone.
  • Detail the identification methods accepted by the entity, which will be the ones that the user will have as options when he / she arrives at the VALID website.