If you have any specific doubts about the online management or procedure you are carrying out , you will have to contact the organization with which you were doing it. Consult the web address of the electronic headquarters of the bodies of Catalonia.

If you have an error identifying with the VÀLid consult Error reasons during identification with the VÀLid

The systems accepted by the VÀLid are explained below. The authentication process can be carried out, in general, with idCAT Mobile, Digital certificates and Cl@ve. However, each public administration user of the VÀLid system can decide whether to show all systems or only some depending on the procedure (For example, only show "Digital Certificates" to consider them a more secure system for that specific procedure). If you do not see one of the systems and you have doubts about it, you will have to check with the organization with which you are doing the online management.

These are the systems that the VALID system has classified and integrated:

idCAT Mobile

It is a solution from the AOC Consortium, aimed at user authentication and electronic signature, aimed at the citizen and based on the sending of single-use passwords to their mobile phone, as an alternative to the use of digital certificates. The system offers a medium level of security in accordance with what is established by the National Security Scheme.

If the idCAT Mobile is not displayed in the procedure you are carrying out, it means that for this procedure the specific administration does not accept this method.

Support portal of the idCAT Mobile

Sign up for idCAT Mobile

Digital certificates
Users can identify themselves with any qualified certificate in accordance with Regulation 910/2014 on Identification and Trust Services. More information


It is the identity management system used by the General Administration of the State and which offers the following modalities:

  • Cl@ve PIN: Identification mechanism based on sending one-time passwords to the mobile phone.
  • Cl@ve Permanente: User and stable password for more frequent use
  • Cross-border identification eIdAS. Access to the identification mechanisms notified by the different member states of the European Union.
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