In order to access the service , you must:

    1. Have permissions for the EACAT Records Interconnection System service (you can check it from EACAT> Settings> My Space. If you do not have one, your EACAT user manager can assign them to us. Have an office integrated in SIR If you do not know if your office has an office in SIR, you can consult the list of offices integrated in SIR From the AOC Consortium we are registering step by step in SIR the members in EACAT, but if we have not yet registered your body and you are interested in having the service, all you have to do is contact our CAU and we will include the body in the next time we register. the body is a body of the Public Sector of the Generalitat, contact the Department of the Presidency in order to manage the registration of the new office.
    2. Access the EACAT platform, identifying yourself with the NIF and password or with a digital certificate (for example the T-CAT or T-CAT P) at .
    3. Access the APPLICATIONS section of the top menu.
    4. Access the "SIR - Registry Exchange System" application.