On 28 December 2020, the Economic Facilitation Act was published, a pioneering regulation in Europe in the field of facilitation, which applies the “Only Once” principle by which companies and entrepreneurs will only have to contribute once. your data in all its procedures with all administrations.

The rule includes measures to reduce bureaucratic burdens , minimizing administrative intervention; offers services proactively to companies a glass analyzed the data provided without the need to request it; and establishes a new model of relationship between the company and the administrations. This new relationship model is based on mutual trust, the default digital relationship, one-time data input, the elimination of unnecessary administrative burdens, the standardization of procedures, the speed of processing, and the transparency.

At the processing level, the entry into force of the law on financial facilitation has meant updating the following forms:

  • "Pre-opening statement"
  • “Prior opening communication”

The AOC has carried out the work of defining the new models as a result of the regulations. Specifically:

And both the automatic replacement of the previous ones by the new ones in the different processing portals has been carried out, as well as the communication in this regard through the corporate blog and the OGE.