In practice, a city council involves having a series of electronic procedures on its portal, integrating its information with Canal Empresa (through the “Guided search for procedures ”), and obviously complying with the processing regimes that sets the law of simplification.

You will find the procedure for requesting the service, at EACAT Procedures> AOC Consortium Provider, CAOC Service - Application for Services> Procedure “Application for registration and modification of AOC services” .

EACAT AOC service application screen

Therefore, you will need to complete the AOC Services Registration and Modification Application PDF document and the FUE Local Configuration Form.

It is important that you consider:

  • That the form must be downloaded from the entity requesting the service.
  • In order to download the registration form, the EACAT user manager must have assigned you permits for the “CAOC service - Service Request” .
  • Once the form has been completed and validated, it must be signed electronically and sent via the “Submit” button on the form itself or via EACAT Procedures> Registration Window .