Although we at the AOC do not offer file management solutions to the local world, we did analyze and publish the solutions offered by the market adapted to the e-SET methodology.

Below you can see the detail of the table of supported solutions last revised in 2019. This information will be revised with the new e-SET governance model that has started to be worked on.

Download (XLSX, 74KB)

It should be noted that with the June 2019 update, the Aytos Berger-Levrault FirmaDoc+Registre Accede solution has been incorporated, and there are already five solutions that present a sufficient level of functional adequacy with the e-working method SEVEN:

And how do we proceed with the maintenance and evolution of this table?

Once a file solutions provider has worked on the adaptation of its solution to the e-SET model, -following the methodological documentation, the manuals and the specifications set by the solution approval table-, it will be able to put- contact us using the support form so we can evaluate your solution.

This assessment by the AOC is comprehensive and currently has no cost to the supplier, but it only starts when the adaptation work is completely completed by the supplier, and there is the possibility to carry out a real assessment of the solution in the territory.

Once the solution has been analyzed, and only if the evaluation is favorable, the supplier will be published in the solution approval table.