The Signador is a web application that works with the following browsers; in the case of browsers that do rapid release we support up to three versions prior to the current one:

The other browsers we support

Given that we do not have a mobile application in order to access the certificate store and be able to perform the signature, although the web application can be accessed with mobile browsers, we do not support them since the operation cannot be completed using a mobile device.

NOTE : If you have a browser other than those specified above (eg Opera, or old versions of those specified) it is possible that the application will work correctly, but if you need our support it will only be available for the versions/environments specified.

Why only these versions?

Many of our users are still using older versions of Internet Explorer, so we need to support them. Instead for more modern browser distributions; we believe that supporting only the latest versions has the following advantages:

  • Optimize our resources when correcting/reproducing bug incidents.
  • Your PC will be more secure and less likely to be attacked
  • You will enjoy a better user experience and see more features in web applications (not just the Signador).

From the following links you can download the latest stable versions of our favorite browsers for Windows, Linux or MAC: