The portal for Local Administrations ( is a tool developed and maintained by the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia with the aim of providing services to Local Administration to better manage the security of the information. In this sense, within the portal you will find different types of content:

  • Channels to communicate with the Cybersecurity Agency (report incidents to CERT, register and open support tickets at CATALONIA SOC, request support on various topics, etc.)
  • Information relating to the security of the Ens' information systems (City Council, Regional Council, County Council): results of technical vulnerability analyses, website security audits, etc.
  • Dashboard to see historical information and the evolution of security and update the contact list in case of need to be contacted when an incident arises.
  • Other information: Cybersecurity Regulatory Framework, Inventory of the entity's assets, ...)
  • Form to request and rate cyber security services.