The service is offered in two modes of operation which, however, are fully compatible:

  • Face-to- face communication of the address: the citizen will be able to request the communication of his address to another administration, directly from the office of attention to the citizen of his City council. To carry out the communication, the City Council has two possibilities:
    • Web environment access with “EACAT> Via Oberta”, based on the Online Register of Catalonia provided by the AOC Consortium.
    • Integration via web services with the existing standard management solution in the entity.
  • Telematic communication of the domicile via e-TRAM solution: the citizen can communicate the data of his domicile directly through the procedure for this purpose available in the e-TRAM processing solution, published on the City Council's website.

With regard to the face-to-face modality, this implies either having access to “EACAT> Via Oberta”, or that the city council has a census management software that includes the different screens for to be able to proceed to make the communication. With regard to this second section, once the municipal software has been adapted, and with the prior consent of the interested citizen, the public worker may communicate to other administrations.

Software providers integrated with the service: Audifilm and Absis .